Market Values & Key Steps for Selling

Getting the highest price for your home in today's market

What Affects the Market Value of Your Home?

Your property has many values ? one to the tax assessor, others to your lender and insurance company and yet another value to you, the owner. It also has distinct values to prospective buyers depending on their needs, desires and financial resources. Ultimately, buyer value or market value will determine the selling value of your property. We help you determine the value of your home based on its own merits, not what the house down the street sold for or how much square footage it has. It is a skill where experience and judgment are of fundamental importance - a skill we have developed over many years serving sellers of fine homes in a variety of price ranges. Some of the factors that can determine the value of your home are:

Location - Location can be the single greatest factor affecting value. Urban or rural settings, quality of school districts, and local amenities are just some of the determining factors of location.

Competition - Buyers compare your property against other properties offered in the market place.

Timing- The current real estate market may reflect either a buyers' or sellers' market. Market conditions cannot be manipulated; an individually tailored marketing plan must be developed accordingly.

Condition - Property condition affects price and speed of the sale. Optimizing physical appearance and preparing in advance for marketing maximizes perceived value.

Services - Services that can help maximize return and reduce market time:

Professional Photos & Virtual Tours
Staging & Interior Design
House Cleaning
Maintenance & Repair
Home Inspection
Home Warranty

5 Key Steps to Selling Your Home

Set the Right Price:
It is imperative to set the right price when place your home on the market. Contact us for a consultation to determine the market value of your home.

Get Your Home in Shape:
Buyers scrutinize the condition of the properties that they visit. Spend the time and money to make your home show well and maximize your selling price.

Hire Your Advisory Team: We work with a network of agents in Southwest Michigan, Indiana and the Chicagoland area to get results for our clients. We handle the details to make the sale smooth and efficient.

Follow the Process:
We manage our loyal clients transactions to make sure their timelines and goals are met. Ask us for the seller process roadmap.

Select the Right Services:
Selecting the right services is critical to selling your property and meeting your goals.

Be careful - some brokers provide very limited services and that can result in long market time, lower selling prices and wasted effort.