Custom Real Estate Marketing

Exceptional internet marketing programs, staging and project management services

We work with you to develop a comprehensive and customized marketing plan to sell your property. Is your Broker providing all of the services to really sell your house?

Price your home with a confident strategy making use of detailed market comparisons and on demand and up-to-date market updates so you can see what's selling and what's not.

Building the story of your home starts with why you bought the home years ago. Working along with you we will construct a very clear description of your home and tell buyers "how the home lives" including amenities, location, community and of course the lifestyle available to the buyer.

Managing the process. We understand that sometimes getting a home ready to go on the market can be a huge undertaking. The entire effort can be project managed by our team. We'll help you coordinate all the schedules and do our best to find recommended service providers. We'll even make it fun.

We make your home looks great by using professional staging and professional photographers backed by an expert video enhancement studio and our Internet and print marketing specialists. Together they insure an extraordinary presence on the Internet across just about every real estate website there is. Inside your home we provide an attractive brochure and all of the materials buyers and brokers need to learn about the property. We'll even place special feature signage throughout your home to help with home buyer tours.

The market launch is key to grabbing the attention of buyers and their brokers watching the market. We are expert at reaching and holding the attention of buyers and brokers. We do this by using special promotions, technology and our expert team to insure rapid response to information requests and showing schedules.

Ongoing marketing and pricing strategies are designed to reduce market time and keep the property fresh on the internet. The idea is to motivate buyers. At the same time it is imperative that we keep you informed of market activity, competition, recent sales and price adjustments.

When it comes time to negotiate an offer we are honored to collaborate with our clients offering thoughtful options and experienced insight to successful negotiations.

Meeting your financial and timing goals is the ultimate focus for what we do every day. Our team is dedicated to making your home sale a smooth and enjoyable one. We are happy to introduce you to our clients so that they can tell you directly why they value working with.

Our Seller's Toolkit - Meet your Financial & Timing Goals

Exceptional internet marketing programs, staging and project management services
The idea is to get your home sold quickly for maximum value! Our goal is to sell your home fast - for the right price with our Shoreline Advice Team's proven marketing system.When we market your home, we create a comprehensive marketing strategy that guarantees maximum exposure for your property, we find a qualified buyer for your home and close the transaction on time. Call us at 269-612-4104 or send us a note for a complementary market consultation.

Here's just part of the story of how we'll help you sell your home fast.

Learn The Market
First, We'll help you learn about the market for your home and understand the competition in the area. You'll see reports on homes like yours that have sold recently and those that are currently on the market. We'll talk about the "ideal" buyer for your home and how to attract that buyer with targeted marketing, home staging, photography and written descriptions. You can tour the competition and understand "days on market" and "market time" for homes and neighborhoods like yours. Then we'll keep you up-to-date throughout the selling process to be sure you are confident making the best decisions to achieve your goals for selling your home within your timeframe.

Buyer's Point of View
Together we will take a walk through your home taking "a homebuyer's point of view" making note of the strengths and weakness of the property. We will provide you with proven strategies that will lead to a quicker sale and recommend improvements and get you the resources to get things done. Plus, we can show you how to break the seemingly overwhelming process of preparing your house for sale into small manageable pieces that you can accomplish quickly and easily.

Pricing Strategy
Pricing is about strategy not just "a" price. To get the quickest sale and the maximum price we'll make sure have the best market data. You will have learned what homes like yours have recently sold and what kind of buyer is buying. You have toured the competition and looked at how long homes have been on the market. We'll even get you insider information from Realtors selling homes in the area. Together we will create several optional pricing scenarios so that you can make a confident pricing decision based upon the right data and some great advice from Shoreline Property Advisors.

Best Picture
Today, most home buyers use the Internet to shop for their new homes. Homes that look great and stand out of the clutter on the Internet produce virtual showing or online showings). These virtual showings translate to onsite property tours by buyers and their Realtors. That gets you closer to a closed home sale. Architectural Digest, Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home use professional photographers to photograph homes and you should too. See the examples of great work by our professional photographers and photo studio. See examples of impressive work by our photographers and virtual tour studio.

Set the Stage
The idea is to get the buyers to see themselves living in your home. Think about when you visit a welcoming vacation resort or the guest cottage of a good friend. You feel invited and imagine what it would be like to spend more than just a weekend in such a beautiful space.

Consider that home buyers tend pay a higher price when they are emotionally connected to a living space. If a buyer can envision themselves living in a space they can more easily become emotionally connected. Without that emotional connection a home becomes a commodity more easily compared to other properties on the market. Furthermore a home buyer who is less emotionally attached is more willing to walk away during negotiations which can be a negotiating position that leads to lower proceeds for home sellers.

Our staging team can help you with a few accessories, a couple of rugs, a few pieces of furniture or an entire home totally designed and staged.We even have experience with complete turnkey homes providing everything right down to the pot holders so our clients can just bring their suitcases and move right in.

Show the World
Your home will be listed in one, two or even three Multiple Listings Systems (MLS) and your property will never be launched onto the MLS without the best pictures. Poor photographs are a proven cause of failure in the internet home marketing game.

Your home needs to debut on hundreds of real estate websites fed by our nationwide Realtor listing sharing service. Custom web pages are created for your home on our brokerage sites and a host of other key websites. Even international websites aren't out of the question for our marketing team.

Every selling point of your property is presented to viewers worldwide. We use professional photographers using quality wide angle lens, a well known photo editing studio that will optimize your photos for both print and the Internet so you look your best!

We understand the Internet and invest heavily in websites that are heavy hitters for search engines to make sure your home will be found online! More than 75% of home buyers turn to the Internet to start their home search. We make sure your home is featured on the most visited Web sites where home buyers are shopping for homes.

More Great Tools & Strategies We Use To Sell Your Property!

Rapid Response:
Time is critical on the Internet and Rapid Response to Buyers questions and requests for showings of your home is critical to you. We have the latest technologies to be able to respond in minutes not hours or days. Our Rapid Response System sits on the big real estate Internet sites waiting for buyer questions or requests for showing of your home. Within minutes our team is notified of the buyer's inquiry via mobile phone.

Market Direct to Buyers:
Busy home buyers begin their initial search on the Internet and are many times overwhelmed with too much information and home listings will little detail and very few or no good pictures of the properties. It's critical to have your home break through the Internet clutter and jump out to buyers by getting home listing pushed to their very own home search web sites and search tools.

Alert Buyers Via Email? An email link to your home information with photos and a virtual tour will be emailed directly to Buyers that are using automated property notification systems. They will receive notification of your new listing as will the Realtors who manage property searches for their own clients.

Market Direct to Realtors: We make it our business to be very friendly to all other Realtors and you should too. Here's why -most serious buyers are working with buyer's agents. The best way to sell your home quickly is to go directly to the buyers through the agents who are helping them. Here's how we'll get your home's information in front of the dedicated REALTORS® who have buyers for your home.

Alert REALTORS® Via Email - Since the local realtors are working with the local real estate buyers, we put the best photographs of your property on the MLS and make use of MLS technology that e-mails top producing real estate agents searching for homes just like yours.

Tour & Showing Feedback:
You really do want to hear what buyers think of your home. We're just looking for anything we can change to get the sale done. So we listen carefully to agents and buyers as they provide us with feedback from home tours and showings. We'll show you the real survey forms and send you notes from conversations with individual buyers and their agents.

You'll enjoy regular Internet exposure reports showing how many people looked at your home online and then took a virtual tour. We can even tell you how many buyers signaled their Realtors that they have interest in your specific property. When possible we'll track down those Realtors and remind them that their client expressed interest in your home.

Yard Signs:
Premium Yard Signs with Flier Boxes where appropriate- Knowing 70% of local buyers drive through neighborhoods, we stock all signs with fliers on a weekly basis.

Newspaper Ads:
While everyone knows that most home buyers and Realtors go to the Internet for property listings we maintain an advertising program that rotates our client's homes through targeted local newspapers and magazines.

Loan Pre-Approval System:
Buyers choose from our "Preferred Lenders" list and are pre approved prior to beginning their home search.

Buyer Profile System:
Your home is exposed to a group of highly qualified and interested buyers who have expressed criteria which match the features of your home.

Open House Advertising: Open houses can generate interest awareness and traffic to your listing with buyers and agents. When appropriate we will feature your home in newspaper ads and hold open houses.

Negotiations and Transaction Management: Get the data, expertise and follow through required to successfully negotiate and manage real estate transactions.